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 Who We Are 

We have come together as a community through numerous local concerns that
Southwark Council is not listening to the tenants and residents of local estates
on the strategy of ‘infill’.

We want new council homes, but any redevelopment on estates should be
appropriate, fair and democratically planned with the active involvement of
estate residents.

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Our Demands

You can find a full transcript of our 8 demands by clicking  here.

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Go to the events page to find our upcoming protests, demonstrations and social events! We hold regular meetings with tenants and residents who live on estates that are impacted by Southwark councils policy of infill and rooftop homes programmes. We meet with other housing groups and organisations that support our campaign. Please get in touch if you want to support us. 


Find all the resources to help you to oppose redevelopment on your estate

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News and Press

Read all about what has been happening in our campaign

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